My music journey

As curious as it sounds, I have no formal music education, and cannot play any instrument well - and yet I like to make music. Perhaps it is more appropriate to consider me an aspiring composer with absolute zero performing talent.

Nevertheless, one of my favourite activities is to be able to jam with close friends. I have played the role of a vocalist, an electric guitarist, a bassist, a keyboardist as and when required, because sometimes our members are too busy to participate in performances.

I started writing songs with lyrics in 2013 and moved on to compose instrumentals in 2015 when I joined Electronic Music Lab based in NUS.
The compositions I produced during one year in EML helped me secure a place as a Second Major student in Recording Arts and Sciences, and my dream of attending an official music education program came true!
My very first application was a music app :)

Musision was done during Orbital Program at the end of my freshman year. Due to our lack of app developing experience, my partner and I did not have a database feature. All was done in client side.
The app is hosted at